Vehicle Registration

- Randy

Working seasonal, but DMVs still require you to change over your registration....

I've seen the comments here about residency and taxes, but how do you avoid each state's requirements that you have to register your vehicle and get their driver's license if you're employed there, even it's just for a couple months?

I would think the ticket for it would cost more than changing over.

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Working RVers and Vehicle Registration

This is one of those questions that has so many variables.... Each state has its own rules and exceptions to those rules. Are you working for pay or volunteering? Are you working for an in-state company? Is your work homebase the same as your work location? Are you an employee or self-employed?

Let's get some other opinions here. Readers, what do you say? What are your experiences? How do you handle motor vehicle registrations and driver's licenses when working short-term or seasonal jobs?

Vehicle Registration

We have been fulltiming for 7 years, workamping most everywhere we go. Have never been ask to change our registration for pickup or 5th wheel. We keep a permanent address.


We have also run into problems of driving in other states (currently TX) on a part time basis and even with a CDL. I would suggest that it is the company / insurance rather then the state's.

Anyone have any feed back on that consideration?

Where is your hometown?

As a full-timer, at any instant, I am always on a vacation. I still maintain my hometown residence 181 days/year, I think it's 181 days...oh well. Vehicle registration remains at home residence. Who is able to argue facts. And, what's wrong with short term employment, any employment is temporary, extra cash always a welcome.

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