Vehicle Age Restrictions

- An RVer with an older recreational vehicle asks....
(Does the age of the RV limit available work?)

What's wrong with older RV's? I recently acquired a 1977, 26-foot Class A motorhome. The previous owner took very good care of this vehicle. Outside of the typical '70s motif, it looks and runs great. Surprisingly enough, everything works and it doesn't leak oil.

Am I to assume I cannot find a work camper job, or am very limited, because of the vehicle's age?

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

The Age of the RV Is Seldom a Problem

No. The age of the recreational vehicle should have little (or nothing) to do with your ability to find a job.

We have a poll on the website asking our readers if they have ever been turned down for a job because of the age of their RV. As I write this, only about 12 percent indicated they had been.

It is usually the condition of the RV, not the age, which can be a detrimental factor. Another big negative is having stuff piled on top of the RV, or hanging off the front or back of it. I think campground owners find it easier and more politically correct to say they don't allow older RVs than to say they don't allow those that are eyesores.

There are a few RV parks that do set and enforce RV age restrictions. It seems most folks with older RVs would prefer not to work in those places because of a clash in values.

We started full-timing in a 25 year old, 18-foot travel trailer. It was never a negative factor in our finding work.

Enjoy your new (older) rig! Some of those older recreational vehicles have great construction and are real gems.

You may also find it interesting that the retro look is gaining popularity. Some parks cater to vintage RVs. And, some of the new models feature the vintage look.

If you'd like, you here's the link to the poll.

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