Value of Working RVers

- Coleen, the RVing editor

"We bring great skills and talents to ALL industries and at a very nominal cost," writes working RVer Frank P.

Frank was looking at job listings and thinking about the economy. He knows working RVers are a valuable resource, especially these days when the economy isn't the best. He's wondering if the general public knows that, or if we need to do more to promote ourselves.

What do you think? What are those skills and talents that Frank refers to? How is the economy effecting the numbers and kinds of jobs available for RVers? What advantages do working RVers offer employers, particularly when times are tight?

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Value of Workampers

It is common knowledge that the R. V. and campground business is off. I have spoken with park owners around the country and found that they are down from 7-40% depending on location. The majority of owners have indicated that they are off 20%.

What the smart employers are doing is using strategies to compensate for lost revenue by putting on more workampers.

Yes, that's right, putting on MORE WORKAMPERS.

The philosophy is that since parks will have a certain number of sites un-sold, the owners intend to fill them with volunteer workampers, asking in turn for 10-25 hours for a FHU site. In this regard, the owners have more skilled labor for almost zero cost. The only cost the employer incurs for this labor is the use of the site utilities, which is nominal in comparison to the projects they are having done.

Workampers are also benefiting since they get to stay in nice places and put in just a few hours of work since there are more workampers on the property to perform the various tasks.

My belief is that if more employers outside of the R.V. industry learn of these concepts they will want to hire workampers for all kinds of work. All they need to give us is an electric outlet and a water faucet, and workampers are ready.

Work Camper Couples Needed in Florida

This is SO true! We live and help out part time in a mobile home park with an RV section in FL. Our park owner just told me he is looking for three work camper couples to work 20 hours a week for a FHU site.

RV Workers

We enjoy being workcampers. We are in our 3rd winter season, with same couple in Georgia. We work 25 hours a week. I do grounds work. Wife helps in office. We have a place to stay for those hours worked. We get two days off a week, so that means a lot. Our big expense is driving from Illinois. But, the nicer weather is worth it. Our camper is our only home. So that helps a lot!

I hear that....

Hey Linda,

So true! It is my understanding that in Frostproof, FL., other industries are using workampers. Recently I learned that produce stands in your area are using workampers to operate the stands.

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