Use What You Have: Involve Yourself in Creating Your Opportunity

Use what you have to do what you can. Use your tools and your talents. Opportunities present themselves wherever you are. Make yourself available and your interests and abilities known.

Use What You Have - Your Tools and Your Talents

Put your tools and your talents to work. Take stock of what equipment or tools you have with you in your rigs and give some thought as to how they could be used to bring in an income. Think about how you might use them in various ways, in various places, and in various situations.

My husband, Bob, has been using a chainsaw for one thing or another since he was 12 years old. When we went on the road he decided the Husky needed to come along -- that it would “earn” the space it took up and the weight it added.
It has. From logging in South Dakota, to leveling construction sites in Michigan, to clearing away burned buildings in Alabama.

How did he find these jobs? By attending Bible study class and visiting with the other men during coffee afterwards. By walking the dog and stopping to watch what was going on, and by asking the owner questions about the project. By requesting permission to cut some of the support beams to use as trailer blocks and cleaning up the mess behind him. By being out and amidst what was going on around us.

Not everyone travels with a chainsaw. But, chances are you have some tool, appliance, or piece of equipment in your rig. You must have brought it along for a reason. Figure out how you can use it to earn a living.

Perhaps you travel with a bread baking machine, sewing machine, or karaoke machine. Maybe you have tools for carpentry or mechanical work with you. How about a musical instrument, computer, or printing press?

Yes, I personally know an RVer who has a printing press with him. He spent years in the printing business. Visiting with him over dinner, he shared several ideas he had for moneymaking projects. They all use that press.

How can you use the tools and equipment you have? Brainstorm for possibilities. Use your imagination. Then, instead of waiting for opportunity to knock on your door, go out and meet it.

Put the word out that you are looking for work. Let others know what you are able and willing to do. If the person you talk to doesn't have a job for you, maybe they know of someone who does; or will later talk to someone who does.
I have heard from SKP’s who found jobs while eating in a restaurant, doing laundry at the laundromat, and buying gas at the corner station.

Word that someone with a certain skill, a service to offer, or general handyman capabilities travels fast at campgrounds and other places where people congregate. It seems there is always someone who needs to have a job done and is just looking for someone to do it.
Put up notices. Unless the campground prohibits it, it can be helpful to stick a sign on your window advertising what you want to do. Or, how about a notice at the laundromat or store bulletin boards? 

Often, people need a service, but do not know of anyone who is willing to work on a sporadic or one time basis. This is especially true of travelers because they may not know who in the community does what.

Other RVers are less likely to have a local merchant or service person to which they usually take their business and are apt to be looking for someone who is nearby. What could be more convenient than another person in the same campground?
If putting up a sign is not an option or if it is difficult for you to talk to people you haven't met yet, or just for added publicity, try doing whatever it is you hope to sell. Do it out in the open where others can see. 

If you do mechanical work, let them see you working on your vehicle. If you bake bread, make sure you open the windows and let that fresh baked aroma drift into neighboring yards. If you paint pictures, work on your art outside where you will attract others’ attention. It's hard for people to ask you to do a job for them, or to buy some of your products, if they do not know what you have to offer. 
Find a way to spread the word. Let people know what kind of work you are looking to do or what services you offer. Find a way to be involved in creating your own opportunities.

In closing I leave you with the wise words of SKP Marcia Baumgartner, “Don’t give up; get up! Meet people. Volunteer. Join in and jobs will come. If you sit home and wait for the phone to ring, it won’t. Move out and work will come to you if you are there.”

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