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- Southern Cross Corp - Norcross, Georgia, USA
(Mobile Survey Technicians - Hourly Pay and Benefits)

Looking for Mobile Gas Line Survey Technicians

Looking for Mobile Gas Line Survey Technicians

Southern Cross Corp is looking for working RVers to serve as mobile survey technicians. These positions require an RV for travel to the gas company location.

Job Title: Mobile Survey Technician
Work Schedule: Mon-Fri (Some Saturdays)
Work Location: Road Warrior
Salary-Exempt/Hourly: Hourly-Subject to Overtime

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
•Travel to location of Gas Company under contract.
•Report to Gas Company as a representative of Southern Cross Corp.
•Walk (or drive as per contract) gas lines checking for leaks.
•Detect, locate, and evaluate leaks using prescribed procedures.
•Report leaks to Gas Company under contract.
•Complete required paperwork and sketches.
•Read Gas Company maps.
•Perform light manual labor.
•Follow all safety guidelines.
•Assist in training survey technician trainees and others.
•Reasonable special tasks as assigned by survey dispatcher.
•Survey Technician is responsible for the proper operation, field maintenance, and security of all assigned equipment.
•Survey Technician is responsible for the conduct of the survey according to the Survey Work Order and Southern Cross Corp. standard procedures. Any deviation must first be cleared through the Survey Dispatcher.
•Job entails extensive walking, normally outdoors, over varying terrain, and in varying weather conditions.

•You MUST have a RECREATIONAL VEHICLE (a motor vehicle equipped with living space and amenities found in a home. For instance: Fifth-wheel trailer, motorhome, RV, etc.) in order to apply for this position.
•Valid Driver's License; dependable vehicle for transportation to contract location and available for use as "On The Job Transportation".
•For "Couples" Applicants – It is required that both of the applicants have a vehicle.
•Must feel comfortable working outdoors, over varying terrain, and in varying weather conditions.
•Employment is contingent upon acceptable completion of substance abuse screening and criminal background checks.
•High School Diploma or equivalent
•Must have legible, neat handwriting and be able to do simple location sketches.

Equipment/Machinery/Vehicle Used:
•Flame Pack, Fuel Cylinder (45 lbs.), Mobile Survey Truck, Combustible Gas Indicator, Probe Bar,

Pipe Locator, and others as assigned.

Amount of Customer and/or Public Contact: Constant contact with customer and public.

Interrelationship and/or Supervisory Skills Needed:
Must be able to make decisions concerning the safety of a leakage situation and report these to the Gas Company. Must enter yards searching for leaks and be able to respond to questions from the public without causing undue anxiety. Must be able to coordinate survey with Gas Company driver/helpers.

•The wage for this position is $9.00/HR.
•Travel allowance is $200/week
•Reimbursement for usage of personal vehicle is $2.30/HR - This hourly vehicle use rate is normally used and will vary for each gas leakage survey assignment.
•Transportation between assignments is paid at $.815 per mile – if you are hauling/towing an RV.
• Upon completion of training and completion of two weeks on first assignment, the technician will receive a training/reporting bonus of $500. Technicians will also be paid incentives when assisting in training another Technician.
•The technician is guaranteed travel expense plus 24 hours wages each week, should he/she be unable to work due to weather. Overtime is paid after 40 hours per week at a rate of 1.5 times the hourly wage. On average, our technicians work 36 to 40 hours each week over the course of a year.

Our benefits package reflects our respect for workplace contributions, professional goals and personal priorities. When you join Southern Cross, you will be eligible for:
•Choice of medical, dental and vision plans, a 401(k) plan
•Paid holiday
•Paid vacations

Please apply via our website:

Be sure to let us know that you saw our Help Wanted ad on Coleen's Workers On Wheels website when you contact us about this mobile survey technician job. Contact: Helene Obst. Southern Cross Corp - Norcross, Georgia, USA. Posted June 2013.

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