Updating Resume

- Jim

I would like to update and improve our resume that is posted on the work-for-RVers-and-campers.com website, but have not been able to find an edit tab. Suggestions?

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

There's a major upgrade in the works for the software that we use to build the websites. I've heard (and am hoping) that it will have the capability of allowing you to go in and update your resume as you wish. Right now, though, doing it yourself isn't an option.

When you want to have your resume updated, email me and let me know.

If you just want to make a couple of changes, I will gladly edit it for you. This works well if you just need to change your availability dates or if you need to add a paragraph about your current employment.

If you want to make major changes, submit a new resume, preferably by using the website form. Email me that you are doing this and I'll remove your old one for you.

Here's the link to submit a new resume:

Submit a Working RVer Resume

When you submit your resume, we encourage you to include pictures of you and your rig -- if you would like employers to see them. We give you this option because many employers like to see them and I think it enhances your resume.

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