Updating Help Wanted Classified Ads

- Gerrie

When do you update the job listings? There are a few that appear to be out of date.

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How the Job Listings Work

I update ads frequently, usually every day, and sometimes several times a day. Occasionally, if I am RVing away from Internet access or otherwise unavailable, I might not post the ads for a few days or so.

If you look on the Help Wanted index page, you will see the 12 months of the year listed. To find the newest job listings, scroll down the list of months until you find whatever month it is now. Click on that page, and you will see the Help Wanted ads that we received and posted this month.

Each month, we post the ads we receive on the page with that month's name. For example, the ads we received during January on the January page.

As each new month rolls around, we start the cycle over. At the beginning of the month, we delete all the ads from the previous year. Then, throughout the month, as we receive new ads, we post them.

This keeps happening month after month. At the beginning of the new month, we delete old ads from the year before and start over. Next month, we move on to the next month, delete those old ads from that month the year before, and add new ones. This way, what you find on the website are only the Help Wanted ads that have been sent to us during the past 12 months. Older ones (except in the case of technical glitches, which are clearly labeled) are automatically removed.

Additionally, when a job is filled and the employer lets us know the position is no longer available, we remove the ad or the contact information right away -- even before the month cycles around again.

Does this clearly explain how the job listing updates work? If not, post your comment below and I will try to explain it differently. Or, perhaps one of our readers will jump in and offer clarification, if needed.

Additional Info.

Are the newest ads placed at the top of the page for that month or the bottom of the page?

New Ads Are Posted On Top

The new ads are posted on top of the page. The reasoning for this is that if you check the page frequently -- such as daily or several times a week -- you can just look at the top few, rather than scrolling clear down to the bottom.

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