- Hallada
(Bismarck, ND, USA)

I enjoy typing. I live in North Dakota and want to find work during the summer months that I can do as I travel. I am an elementary teacher. I am planning to get a laptop, but would like to get a computer to fit the job I would get, so I am searching for someone who needs typing done. I have also done data entry. Thanks.

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Typing and Data Entry Work

Typing and data entry experience are certainly something you can put to use working on the road. Here are several ideas for putting your typist skills to work:

** Temporary staffing agencies. You work as an employee of the staffing firm, and go out to various offices as assigned. These are great for RVers because the jobs last from a few hours to a few months. You may accept or decline assignments as you choose.

Once you register with a national temp service, your paperwork can be transferred from one branch to the next. That means that when you reach your next location, you shouldn't need to fill out forms and retake the typing test.

** Virtual Assistant (VA). You could set up your own virtual assistant business or work as an employee or contractor for someone else. With a computer and somewhat regular Internet access, you'd have the basics of what you need to get started. You could limit your services to typing and data entry, or expand them as you see fit.

** Editor or proof-reader. Publishing companies, website owners, and aspiring writers hire people to edit and proof-read. If you are good at deciphering less than perfect penmanship, you could find yourself in great demand typing manuscripts.

** Typing college thesis and reports. Connect with a few college students and word of your typing services will spread like wildfire.

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