TX: StoneBridge RV Park

- Tina Starkey
(Tina says it's the, "Greatest little RV park in Texas.")

My husband Jim and I have only been RVing full time since October, but we've already stumbled upon a Texas jewel. This is the StoneBridge RV Park in Sweeny, Texas. The park is full of old oak trees and is beautifully laid out. There are 55 sites, all are roomy, and on concrete pads.

They need workcampers at StoneBridge, as well. We were working in the position, but had to leave when our gate security position opened up. They provide a FHU including your electric for 20 hours a week per couple. The work is fun and easy, and you are treated like honorable adults, as no one checks on your hours. They have a web site; look them up and you will see what I mean by a jewel. If you need to, you can contact me by email cstarkey090@gmail.com. Happy trails, Tina.

Contact information for the campground:
Stonebridge RV Park I, LP
Steve and Peggy Mundschau, Owners
15804 Hwy 35 N
Sweeny, TX 77480

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