TX: Own RV? Looking for Work? - Pay

J and G Security, San Antonio, Texas
(Great Work for RVing Couples on Oil Gates)

Gate Guarding Work Available with J&G Security

Gate Guarding Work Available with J&G Security

TX: J and G Security, San Antonio, Texas. Own an RV or Travel Trailer? Looking for work? ---> We are Hiring 2 or 3 person teams NOW! (**Great Work for Couples**)

WORKERS ON WHEELS - FULL TIME RVers - Working RVers - Retired - Veterans - Empty Nesters - all make great candidates.

What we do: "Gate Guarding" We set you up with all hook-ups at the entrance of large ranches in Texas. Your job is to check people in and out of the ranch.

Yes you can earn money working directly from your own RV, controlling access to large ranches in Texas during oil well developments.

J&G Security is a well established company that has been in the business since 1995. Check us out online http://oilgates.com

Job is basic, but fun. We have jobs all over Texas, but mostly around San Antonio area. All hook-ups are free.

Must have:
Cell phone

PLEASE APPLY ONLINE!! We will email all job information once you submit application:

***If you are ready to go to work IMMEDIATELY and have all the "Must Haves" Call Anna NOW and we'll get things started 512-694-2814***

We look forward to hearing from you! Tell us you saw this ad on Coleen's Workers On Wheels.

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This is a Workers On Wheels "Help Wanted" ad. This HW ad -- RV park work, campground job, or other employment or volunteer position for working campers and RVers -- is posted at the request of the person, business, or organization that is hiring. J and G Security, San Antonio, Texas.


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