Traveling Wholesale Taxidermist: Providing Taxidermy Services Across the USA

A traveling wholesale taxidermist for hire! Chriss Reese, an RV worker and professional taxidermist offers his services across the USA. He has 25 years experience and specializes in fish mounts.

Traveling Wholesale Taxidermy

Many taxidermy shops fall behind in their work for various reasons – it happens. The result is annoyed customers, loss of business, stress, lack of income, and bad references. 
The solution is to get the work caught up fast. With a traveling wholesale taxidermist, taxidermy shops can do just that. 

Chriss goes to taxidermy shops. He works under the shop owners' supervision. He turns out work to their quality and specifications. He can do any level of project completion.

An RVer, he travels the country, working in the Deep South during the winter months. In mid-summer, he's available in the northern most states. His summer route includes the central states. His travels parallel those of many snowbirds.

With reasonable wholesale rates, shops can get the work turned out to the client and still make a profit. They gain happier, satisfied customers, who not only return again and again, but bring their friends with them. It's a win for everyone. 

Animals in the freezer do not make taxidermy shops any money. They only rack up the electric bill. Chriss helps get them out of there, and converts cold animals to cold cash.

Chriss has been a wholesale taxidermist for many years serving many big name customers in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas.

He is skilled in mounting a variety of animals: birds, game heads, alligators, snakes, mammals, predators, and fish. He specializes in fish. He can get them mounted in what he describes as an "amazing record time." He does fresh water, cold water, and saltwater skin mounts as well as fish reproductions.

When working with the average bass, Chriss can skin six to twelve a day and get them in the pickle. Once tanned, he goes to work mounting them on the forms. He can stop there and let the shop owner finish out the rest. Or, he can continue to finish them out ready to paint. Or, he can paint them too. The turnaround is very fast and he guarantees satisfaction. He says that is one of the reasons shop owners like to hire him. 

For shops not currently taking fish, he offers the opportunity for them to expand and thus serve more customers. He helps them to grow their taxidermy businesses.

As a traveling wholesale taxidermist, he sets up a rotation cycle with shops to come in periodically and do the fish they have taken in. The shop owners only have to handle them twice. Once putting them put in the freezer, and later handing over a finished product to the customer. 

He requires a minimum of 10 days work at a shop, unless other shops in the area also hire him. He says taxidermists don’t have to send the animals off to another place risking loss, damage, or sub-standard quality. All work is done in their shops, under their supervision, and up to their standards.

Chriss travels with his wife and children. The kids are home-schooled. He says it works out well. His family can do their schooling, go to museums, and learn about the area while he is work. When he's off the job, they can all enjoy different parts of the country together.


The information in this article was submitted by Chriss Reese, professional traveling wholesale taxidermist.

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