Traveling On The Outskirts

- Jessica Moore
(Currently in Lehi, UT)

Work Campers Traveling On The Outskirts

Work Campers Traveling On The Outskirts

We were a young, newly-married couple who was living the life the way that we were told to. We had the house, the car, the big screen TV... everything that society told us to acquire.

We had regular 9 to 5 jobs at an ad agency. The alarm goes off, we get up, go to work, go home, eat a little something, reset the alarm clock, and go to sleep. Repeat forever. Next thing you know it's fifty years later and you wonder where it all went.

Sound familiar?


That's when we decided to break away and leave it all behind. We've sold it all -- the car, the TV.

We've bought an RV, hitting the road, making everyday different. New experiences, new people, new life. Turn off the TV and enjoy everything that this world has to offer.

Now we make a living workcamping! has helped us find our next gig(s)! Thank you!

We also keep a travel log at


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