Traveling Horse People

Workers On Wheels RVer Barbara McGrew writes....
(Helping Others -- Riding When the Work Is Done)

The Traveling McGrews On Their Horses

The Traveling McGrews On Their Horses

Traveling horse-people, helping others! It became obvious that the time had come to do what we have always dreamed of, and that is to ride our beloved horses wherever we can and stay out of the snow and ice of Northern Washington State.

Everywhere we go, we do what needs to be done -- yard clean-up, painting, picking rock, caretaking of others horses, housekeeping, baking the famous pecan pie, walnut pie, cinnamon rolls, biscuits, etc. This is what we love to do, and then ride when the work is done.

We have worked on the Triangle T Guest Ranch in Dragoon, AZ, and now are in Pomerene, AZ, helping a good friend, and cleaning up an Arabian ranch. Riding the desert is awesome!

We hope to move to higher elevations when summer arrives, and help someone else.

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