Traveling Book Author

(from a Dreamer, Belinda Sue Kiser)

A traveling book author ... to be honest, this has been a dream of mine since the day I picked up my pen. I've taken baby steps for five years to get to this point, never losing site of my goal. My next step, and last step, is to find a companion/partner that can make this project a reality.


I bet you're laughing right now. Yes! I planned all of this without the means to travel. Hoping that when things are just right the Universe will guide me to the right people that can help. This is how I found you.

I am an author who has a second book coming out by winter. Just got hired as a freelance for the Travel Channel. My third book, already taking life, is based on my adventures across country, writing about the unique people, fascinating places and events that shape our culture here in the states. I am still working full time with Dollar General, and I will be ready to attack this project head-on within a couple of months. A big step for a single 53 year old female.

Between my freelance writing, the work I can find on the road, or book readings and book signings, I believe I can maintain my finances for this adventure.

Am in search for a partner that has an RV, with the experience of the road. One who is in a position in life to make this one year project happen with me. I have a good idea what I am looking for and what I need to fill this position. I will foot the bill for this project and will pay a salary for the right person.

I was getting ready to place an ad when I saw your post. Believing that my angels put you here for a reason, I had to contact you. Your thoughts are welcome.

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Going Places

Looking for your site now.

Usually it's place then topic then person.

Thanks again,

Full Time RVing

I can relate to your story. I have been doing research about going full time RVing for four years now. I do not have a rig yet; but like you, I know it will manifest itself when the time is right. Sounds good about hanging out with you. Let me know if you have any connections for an RV. I have wanderlust and want to travel the US.

Just Do It!

I planned for a long time and then circumstances caused me to "just do it." I took off, my little sardine can (s-10 pick-up) and a tent. I am a female and I traveled alone. I have a blast. I love to write as well.

I met people that most would be afraid to speak to, thinking that the homeless or backpacking kids would steal something from them or harm them. It has been very interesting. I have camped with the "kids in the woods" and given a ride to a few hitchhikers, though I was always selective and always aware of the safety concerns. I have a relationship with my higher power that I feel protects me. Surprising to say, these people were college graduates, families that lost their homes, and some wonderful individuals.

I slept on Mt. Shasta, on the ground with my sleeping bag, saw beautiful sunsets over the ocean, stood under a waterfall that was at least 100 feet tall, even learned about gopher trapping, all in my little s-10.

I now have a canopy on my truck and have found a small pop-up to pull. I can't wait to get back on the road after I finish taking care of some business with my property here in TX.

Good Luck to you on your writing career and your travels.

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