Travel Nursing From Your RV

I was wondering, Colleen, if there are any people out there who are traveling nurses out of their RV?

I am wanting to get the RV park that I manage out to the travel nurse RVing sector, in that we can accommodate them in their housing, since we are fairly close to all three major hospitals here in the Tyler, TX area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Lyle Mains
RV Park Manager
Northgate RV Park

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Housing For RV Travel Nurses

Hi Lyle,

Some travel nurses do choose to live in their RVs and take their homes with them from assignment to assignment, rather than moving from one apartment or house to another. So, yes, there is a need for RV parks that welcome RVers to stay for weeks or months at a time.

You are welcome to add a comment to this page with more information about the park you manage. You might also list the hospitals in your area, to make it easier for travel nurses reading this to find them.

It's my understanding that the demand for travel nurses exceeds the available workforce. If your local hospitals have a nurse shortage, you might want to contact them. Let them know how you can accommodate their short term staff.

Another option is to contact the temporary staffing agencies that specialize in placing nurses and other medical staff. Again, let them know what your park has to offer. I believe the staffing firm usually pays for or reimburses the nurses for their housing costs. If you Google "travel nurse jobs" you'll find links to many staffing agencies.

Readers, if any of you have travel nurse experience, please, jump in here and share your thoughts.

Travel RNs


It would be great if you could contact the recruiters for the hospitals to let them know about your campground, and any rate breaks you might give an RN to help persuade them to come to your area.

Several RNs do travel in their rigs. I am one of them. When I look for hospitals needing seasonal nurses, I immediately start looking for campgrounds and rates to see if it is a good travel area.

More About Working As a Nurse While Traveling

Follow the link to read more about this:
Registered Nurse, RVing or Cruising

Traveling Nurses

We have two here, 30 minutes south of San Francisco, in our Mountain RV Park. It works well for them.

Traveling Nurses Welcome

I'm also interested in getting RV traveling nurses to come and stay at the RV resorts we have in Southern California. San Diego, Escondido, etc. Any info about this area is appreciated! Thanks.

Traveling Nurses

In each state you have to have reciprocity to practice nursing. Qualifications are different for each state and sometimes you have to take special classes to practice, example, in NY you have to complete a class on child abuse. You also have to have so many CEU's and that is different for each state.

Traveling RN

I am a traveling RN. I also travel with my RV. I would love to know the RV park caters to traveling nurses. Traveling alone, I always want to make sure that I am going to an RV park that is safe, affordable, and accommodates my needs.

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