The Adventures, Travels, and Tribulations of a Bonkers Blond Blogger

- Kernut the Blond
(Coastal Bend, Texas, USA)

After reading the recent article about other 40-something full-time RVers, I was moved to tell my story. Last summer I bought my first ever RV (a 29' Class A), and immediately became a full-timer. It's turned out to be the best thing I ever did. I'm a single female, and travel with just my cat. (I'm trying to teach her to read maps, but haven't had luck as of yet.)

Becoming a full-time RVer has been a long-time dream of mine. I want to see all the goofy sights like the Largest Ball of Twine and the World's Largest Frying Pan! My bucket list has many more such items and they all make me smile.

But how does someone not yet retirement age just get an RV and travel the country full-time?

I haven't yet won the lottery, I'm not retired, and my 401K long ago turned into a 101K. I make a living through a variety of things: blogging, affiliates, travel writing, internet marketing for other small businesses, workcamping, and a positive attitude. I feel the last one is as important as any of the others.

I'm currently at my first workcamping job - one I found through this website. It's in beautiful southern Texas and I love it.

Last night I saw fireflies for the first time! They are just as magical as everyone said. I can't wait to see them again tonight.

Life is wonderful - don't forget to go out and enjoy it!

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