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Tent Work Camping

(Connelly Springs, NC)

Since I don't have a camper, can I stay in a tent and work for you?

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Working Without a Camper

Hi Kimberly,

First a bit of explanation about how our service works:

We post Help Wanted ads for employers who are hiring, as well as for organizations looking for volunteer workers. We aren't an employment agency and therefore we don't do any of the actual hiring. We just put the info out there and then it is up to you to contact the employer about the job.

As for finding work while you have a tent and no camper, it is possible. Employers have differing requirements. You may find some that would welcome you and your tent.

Look at campgrounds that have a tent camping area.

You'll also find that some employers provide housing. It might be a motel room or apartment. It could also be an RV or cabin. And, some places provide dormitory or bunk-house space.

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