Working Tent Camper

- A WOW subscriber writes...
(Workers On Wheels and Tenters)

I've ditched my RV for now but am thinking of traveling this summer on motorcycle with tent. How does that fit into the RV and workers on wheels idea?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies

Go for it! While RV resorts may not have tent spaces available, campgrounds usually do. Some of the non-campground/park jobs may also have a place you could pitch a tent. Some jobs also offer housing, so you could have a break from the tent, if you wanted. Have a great trip!

And, another WOW reader writes...

I am interested in your thoughts of a "young" 57 year old tent camper working for the camping experience on the east coast.

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Tent Camper Work

- Mike Hall

Are there any websites dedicated to the workamper who chooses to live in his tent?

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Tent Work Camping

- Kimberly
(Connelly Springs, NC)

Since I don't have a camper, can I stay in a tent and work for you?

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