Tent Camper Workamper

Mike Hall

Are there any websites dedicated to the workamper who chooses to live in his tent?

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Tent Campgrounds and Tent Cities

Hi Mike,

I don't know of any websites devoted to work camping tent campers.

I do know, though, that there are jobs for tent campers. Look for campgrounds that have a tent section and welcome tenters as customers.

There are also tent cities that spring up in some areas for workers of a particular industry or business. The ones that come to mind are the fish line workers in Alaska. These are often located right on the employee's property. City campgrounds sometimes have a booming section of seasonal tent campers, too.

Tent Camper Workamper

Try Federal, State or environmental camps. They usually have facilities for tenters. The youth environmental camp that we work at in Fla. has a couple of sites dedicated for tenters. It also has facilities for the tenters in the event of inclement weather.

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