Temporary Staffing Firms: How Do Working RVers and Campers Find Them?

Temporary staffing firms can be difficult for RV workers to find. When some call them "temp services" and others call them "placement agencies," it can be tricky. Here are some search tips and terms.

In the telephone book yellow pages or in online directories, you find temp staffing agencies under “Employment Contractors - Temporary Help.”

You can also find these agencies by looking under specific service listings. For example, look under “Nursing” to find travel nurse placement companies.

When doing an Internet search, use “temp” or “temporary” along with one or more of the terms below:

• Placement services
• Professional staffing
• Travel nurses or nursing
• Office staffing
• Contract or contractors
• Day labor

• On demand staffing
• Firm
• Help
• Interim
• Positions
• Job banks
• Kelley

• Man power
• Olsten
• Account
• Work for campers
• Service or services
• Short-term staffing

• Staffing
• Agency or agencies
• Company or companies
• Temping firms
• Jobs for RVers
• Employment

Some temp agencies are national chains. They’ll have offices in major cities across the USA, as well as in some smaller towns. One office should have information about others in the chain.

Other staffing firms serve only one area. You may find them advertising in the “Help Wanted” sections of newspapers. They may also have display ads in the newspaper business directory.

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