Temp Staffing Services: They're Not Just For Office Workers

Temp staffing services don't just fill office jobs. They can place RV workers in every industry. Some recruit RVers for a variety of employment fields. Others specialize in a particular industry.

Mention temp staffing services and many people automatically think of clerical workers. These days, secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, and other office workers is only part of what temp agencies are all about.

Two more areas that require many workers are the construction and service industries. Both need many people for day-to-day workers. They need seasonal employees in all phases of construction, food service, agriculture, domestic services, and tourism.

Many temp jobs are in the industrial industry. Temporaries may work on assembly lines, in shipping or receiving, or haul goods.

There is a need for temporary technical workers. These include engineers, computer specialists, writers, drafters, and illustrators.

Some agencies specialize in placing health care and medical professionals. They supply doctors, nurses, radiologists, and other supplemental staffing to hospitals and nursing homes, and for home health care.

It surprises some to find temp agencies have a demand for accounting and legal professionals.

Temp workers are needed in sales and marketing. They work as product demonstrators, promoters and testers, and interviewers. They also serve as hosts and hostesses for conventions.

Registering with a specialized temporary help company and requesting specific assignments will help you target the area of work that interests you most.

Registering with a general agency can give you temp work in a wider variety of fields.

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