Temp Agencies: Register So You Are Ready To Accept the Job

Temp agencies are a great source of jobs for RVers. But, you must register with the service first. RVers have special concerns, but there are work-arounds.

One concern RVers have is with the address. Provide your permanent address so they have it on file. Also provide a local address, such as that of the RV park or campground where you are staying.

You must have some form of identification, such as a driver’s license or state ID card. You’ll also need your social security card.

Plan to fill out an application. There will be other forms to help determine your job skills, abilities, limitations, and preferences.

Expect an interview. The interview will be with someone from the staffing service. There may be tests that qualify you for specific jobs, such as data entry.

To simplify things, fill out a general work application before going to register. Or, prepare a simple resume. They may not want to keep it, but it will help you to have the information organized.

The information they require depends on the type of work you seek. For some positions, they will want to know about your education, employment history, and job related experience. For professional jobs, expect the staffing firm to require the same certifications, licenses, and professional qualifications as any other employer.

Unless it is a day labor organization, where you show up and go straight to the job site, you will need a way for the temp agencies to reach you. Before cell phones were common, this sometimes presented a problem. For the most part, technology has made this easy. Even today, however, there are many places that do not have cell service on all carriers. Make sure you provide the temp agency with contact info that you can check on a frequent basis.

Once you register with a staffing company, it is likely that they can transfer your registration to an affiliate office in another town. In such instances, each time you relocate, you need only to stop in the office and have your file updated – not complete the entire registration procedure.

You may also find that you can register with some temping services online. This is especially helpful for working RVers and campers. Check the temp agency’s websites for more information.

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