Teach Beginning Genealogy

Paula Patton
(Waco, TX (or anywhere))

I would like to teach beginning genealogy classes in a 55+ or other long-term camp. Most parks have Wi-Fi and a few computers, so I would include internet genealogy. Also, included would be genealogy scrapbooking, family history writing, and record-keeping.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Hi Paula,

You could do that! You could turn that dream into reality.

So many people these days are into genealogy that I bet you could find an RV park pretty easily that would love to have you teach genealogy classes. The next time you are at a park, just ask the activities director or the manager about it and see what he says.

Do you see your classes as a course with a beginning and an end? Something you would do at a snowbird or winter Texan park where people would enroll in the class and attend for, say, six weeks, with each class building upon the previous week?

Or, are you thinking of a weekly class that would last as long as you were in the park? That people could come and go to throughout the season? Something that someone who was in the park for just a week or so could attend one or two sessions?

An off shoot of this, you could teach beginning genealogy classes at an adult education program. Or, you might give a presentation at schools, at community organizations.

With the genealogy scrapbooking, family history writing, and family record-keeping, you could do so much with this.

Be sure to let us know what steps you are taking to turn your dream job into reality. We are rooting for you!

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