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(Where Do I Find Vendors Who Need Help?)

Swap meet and festival booth owners must need help. Is there anywhere that has listings for vendors who need people to manage their displays at swap meets, festivals, etc.?

I heard of a company that puts up fireworks displays and hires people to man them and sell for 10 days or so near the 4th of July. They supply the booth, banners, inventory, etc. They pay for the term of stay, (a day or two, to a week or more) and by the amount of items sold.

There must be other manufacturers, vendors, companies who are looking for people to stay with their booth and sell during the festival, swap meet, or what ever?

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Helping Swap Meet and Festival Vendors

One company that hires people to tend fireworks stands is TNT Fireworks. They sometimes run ads our Jobs Listings pages.

Along the same lines as working fireworks stands in June and July, companies also hire RVers to tend pumpkin patches in the fall, Christmas tree lots in November and December, and bedding plants and hanging flower baskets in the spring.

When I think of fireworks stands, pumpkin patches, tree lots, and similar vending situations, I think of independent sales locations, rather than being part of a fair or festival. However, I guess that is not always the case.

I don't know of a particular source that lists vendors who are looking for people to help them with their swap meet or festival booths.

I do know that a lot of vendors would be glad to have help. Depending on the type of merchandise and the display, setting up and tearing down can be a lot of work. Also, some booths require more than one person be there at a time. And, sometimes, it is nice to just have someone work a shift to give the vendor a break.

I hear from RVers who want to sell at craft shows, holiday bazaars, and flea markets, but they are not physically able to do the loading and unloading and setting up and tearing down of the booth. Those in the commercial buildings at fairs may need assistance, also. You might post an ad offering your services.

Another suggestion is to contact the owner or the organization that is sponsoring the market or festival. They may be able to tell you if they have vendors with large set-ups who are looking for help. They may also have other job leads for you.

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