Survive on Campground Work

(a prospective RVer asks...)

Can one survive on just campground work? I am worried about finding jobs on the road. Is it safe to be a full timer? I will be traveling in a recreational vehicle with my girlfriend and three dogs.


Coleen, the editor replies:

Yes, it is possible to survive on campground work. Actually, it is possible to do much better than just survive. While many campground jobs offer a barter arrangement where you work for your site and utilities, many others pay hourly wages. Even minimum wage goes a long way when you don't need to pay extra for your RV site rent and utilities, and when you don't have expenses commuting to work each day. That is not to say all campgrounds pay minimum wage, but rather to point out that some of the on-the-job perks are quite substantial.

Most RVers who are earning their living on the road are not doing so by working in campgrounds. So, while campground jobs are one option, they are by no means the only option. Keep in mind that you can combine working at campgrounds with other jobs.

Traveling with three dogs is going to limit your options. Just as some apartments don't allow pets -- especially multiple pets -- some campgrounds don't, either. And, there's the issue of doggie care while you are at work, but perhaps your girlfriend is going to handle that for you.

As for the safety factor, I'm guessing you mean financial safety. Being mobile and having a home on wheels that you take with you can add to your financial security. Full-time RVing can also be a very economical way to live, with many of the costs being variable instead of fixed. One tip that can help your financial safety on the road is to start in an RV that you can afford to pay for, so that you don't have monthly RV payments hanging over your head.


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No Problem

We have been full timing 4 + years and have survived. We workamped about 7 months a year and have eaten well.

Survive? You Bet!!

We have been full time RVers/workampers for three + years and are not just surviving but paying off bills that were left from before we went full time.

Camp hosting jobs are plentiful nation wide. Some pay min. wage, some pay more.

A number of companies that manage campgrounds for the various Fed. agencies, USFS, NPS, FWS, etc., have info booths at the RV show in Quartzsite, AZ. in January. Lots of good info there.

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