Summer Parking in Alaska

(RVing Nan wriites...)

My husband and I have been talking about coming to Alaska next year for the summer. Do you know of a place that we could park our rig for the summer for a long stay there? My husband has been to Alaska, but I have not, but I want to come there so badly.


Coleen, the RVing editor (who's homebase is in AK replies:

You might consider the school camp host programs. Stay at one school all summer, or move every so often to another one. The "job" is parking there, and notifying authorities if you see something suspicious. I think each borough (similar to county) has its own camp host program.

There are also numerous city, state, and national parks and recreation areas that have camp host programs. Some of these advertise with us, so check our monthly listings. Or, as you are doing your research and figure out what area you might want to stay in, make direct contact with someone there.

Also, some of the campgrounds have surprisingly low monthly rents. Those that combine an RV park with a mobile home park seem to have the least expensive rates.

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