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Submit Your Help Wanted Ads for Working RVers

Do you have a job for an RVer that pays a wage or otherwise compensates for hours worked? Are you looking for working campers to fill volunteer positions? Are you looking to fill campground jobs, RV park positions, or resort openings? Do you have seasonal work for RVers at a tourist attraction, theme park, or retail store? Do you need RVers for gate guard security, beet harvest, holiday jobs? If you are an employer hiring working RVers and campers, post your Help Wanted ad here. If you are a volunteer coordinator looking for volunteers, and you are offering working campers a free RV site or other benefits, you are also welcome to post your Help Wanted ad on Workers On Wheels website at

You Get a Full Page

Your job listing will appear on a page by itself -- not crowded together with other ads. You have lots of room. You may include detailed info about the job; what you are looking for in workers; and what you offer for compensation. You are welcome to include complete job descriptions. It's also helpful to have general information about your campground or business, as well as your community or geographical area. If you would like to include a link to your website, you may do so.

Include Photos and Your Logo

You are welcome -- encouraged -- to submit photos. You may include up to four graphics. Include pictures of your campground; or your working campers enjoying themselves; your company logo; a photo of your entrance sign; or some area scenery -- whatever you think will appeal to RVers and enhance your ad. Including photos enhances your ad and increases your business exposure. Email your pictures to


Please proofread your ad before you submit it. We do not automatically edit to fix spelling and punctuation errors, or for clarity.

If you would like us to edit your ad for you, we will be happy to do so for an additional fee.

Be sure to put your contact information in your ad so that workers know how to reach you.

When Will My Ad Post?

Ads do NOT post immediately. Ads do not post automatically. We review all ads before posting them. Please allow at least 72 hours after we receive both your ad and the payment for your ad to appear live on the Workers On Wheels website at

How Long Will My Ad Be On the Website?

You may choose to purchase an ad to run 30 days, 90 days, or 365 days. If you want us to delete it before it expires, we can.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost to place a Help Wanted ad on Workers On Wheels website,, is $20 for 30 days. We offer discounts for running the same ad continuously. The cost to run a Help Wanted ad for 90 days is $51. The cost to run a Help Wanted ad for a full year (365 days) is $186.

How Do I Delete My Ad?

We will delete your Help Wanted ad after it expires. That means after the 30, 90, or 365 days you paid for have passed, we remove your ad from the site. If you fill the position, and want the ad removed prior to expiration, you may let us know and we can delete it for you.

Purchase Your Ad

This is a two-step process.
     1. Make your payment.
     2. Come back to this page and submit your ad in the box below. Thanks!

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PayPal is the preferred payment method. However, if you need an alternative payment option, use the secure form below to submit your debit or credit card information.

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$51 for 90 day Help Wanted ad
$20 for 30 day Help Wanted ad
$186 for 365 day Help Wanted ad

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