- Michael Kupec
(Woodbeidge, Va.) - Anyone have experience with them? Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with that organization.

What they have to offer may be a viable way of working while RVing, but so far from what I've seen the outlay in $$$ to them is a bit pricey.

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SiteBuildIt! Works For Me

I don't have any experience with StoresOnline and I don't know of anyone who does. That doesn't mean it's a bad thing, but the lack of familiarity may say something.

SiteBuildIt! is proven to work. It gives you all sorts of training, templates, website hosting, newsletter and blog capabilities, and a host of things that are too techi for me to understand.

That's really one of the great things about SBI!, It has the built in step-by-step do-this-now-do-that simplicity for those like me who need it. But, it also works for those who know what they are doing and just need the software and tools all in one place to get it done. So, you can start with the basics and then use the more advanced features if or when you are ready for them.

And, if you want them to, the folks at SBI! will even build your core website for you.

I highly recommend SBI! for your online store.
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Stores on Line

You want to run as fast as you can.

This organization has ripped a lot of folks. I was one of them. What they said and what you got are worlds apart. They even admitted they goofed up and gave poor customer service yet wouldn't refund one cent.

Go to rip off and you'll find a lot of disgruntled customers.

As Coleen said, you can do better with other means.

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My experience has been great with one particular store that is online, They have great gifts and they will ship anywhere in the U.S. for you. They also give free $10 gift cards to all first time shoppers. I just thought that was awesome. See for yourself. Helen

Confusion Built-in by Name

There are a number of stores that have their own websites, and have good reputations. People write in using the expression "store(s) on line." There also is a company whose unregistered title is "StoresOnine." It has a poor reputation. When you try to look for articles on the "StoresOnline" company, you end up with articles on stores that are on line and others only about the company named "StoresOnline." The difference is that the "StoresOnline" company is owned by a parent firm entitled "Imergent, Inc.," which is based in Orem, Utah, U.S.A.

StoresOnline Company Name

The StoresOnline company name is a good example of the importance of using correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Doing so eliminates confusion as to whether someone is referring to a particular store or any of the many stores that have an online presence.

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