Still Working Fulltime But Living in Our RV

- Lee Thomas
(Round Rock, TX)

Like many US residents, I got caught in the down market of the first decade of 2000. Having lost my job, I took a contract in another state, living in my RV. Our house sold while I was working that contract, which was good/bad news. Good news in that it sold, bad news in that we lost a lot of money on it.

My wife and I made the decision then not to own another house (this had happened to us before) and just to reside in our RV, which allowed us to go wherever work was available. We upgraded our RV from a small Class C to a 40' Class A. I then got offered a permanent position with Dell, in Texas. So we relocated here, and continue to live in our RV, while I work full time.

Our plan is for this to be my last permanent job. Once I leave Dell, I may take another contract or do some workamping for site only. Our primary focus at that time, however, will be location. I will only take a position if it is in an area we want to enjoy.

Having done this, I can only say I wish we had done it years ago. We put a lot of money and work into each house we bought, and lost money, a lot of money, on two of them when we sold.

I love the flexibility of knowing that I am not tied to an area anymore. Knowing there is no house to anchor me, gives me a tremendous sense of freedom.


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