State Park Concessions

- Steven L.

I was wondering if there are any publications that show state campgrounds, state concession stands etc. that could be bid on or leased.

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State Park Concessionairs

Hi Steven,

It sure seems that there should be a composite list of state parks, and of state park concessionaires, as well. But, I don't know of any. I did some web searching and didn't find anything that way, either.

The best I've come up with on this is to look at each state individually. Even with this, though, you won't find consistency from one state to another. For example, for Illinois, the concessionaires information is on the Illinois Department of Natural Resources website. For California, it is on the California State Parks website.

If you do a web search for "state park concessionair" and add the name of the state, that should work for most states.

Maybe our readers can be more helpful and will add to this.

Maybe This Will Help

The following search link should take you to a list of various State Park Web sites.

On the list, you will need to click each individual states link, and them click on the individual states link to concessionaires.

In the absence of any direct link, you may simply click on "contact us" link and write in your question/request. The recipient will hopefully direct your request to the appropriate department.

Good luck in your quest.

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