Southeast Publications: Creators of Campground Guest Guides

Southeast Publications produces guest guides (campground site maps) with the help of working RVer sales associates. The sales consultants work for commissions, and stay free at RV parks.

Southeast Publications Is an Outdoor Recreation Tradition

Isn't it nice when you arrive at your new destination, check-in, and are handed a guest guide that shows you where you are located, what amenities exist at the park, and most importantly, what the area has to offer?

Southeast Publications Sales AssociatesSoutheast Publications Sales Consultant Teams

Southeast Publications started in 1986 in South Florida by an entrepreneur, Peter Warrick. He was an avid outdoorsman and saw an opportunity to help outdoor travelers enjoy their experiences on the road.

When he traveled, he noticed that RV resorts and campground managers had a hard time explaining where he needed to park his rig. Not familiar with the area, Peter also had no idea where he could go for a good meal, entertainment, or even to find services for his rig. Seeing the need, he founded Southeast Publications.

His initial mission was to answer the need of the campground to better explain their policies, site locations, area activities, and other information their guests needed to know about. It became much larger in a short period of time. State parks, RV resorts, and major county park systems came to use the service because they realized the importance of business to connect with outdoor recreation.

Today, Southeast Publications services over 1,500 RV resorts and campgrounds throughout North America. Their sales force, of over 100 full-time RV travelers, work with more than 17,000 small businesses every year. The businesses sponsor the park's publication through advertising within their guest guide. The park receives their custom-made guides for free.

RV resorts and campgrounds that work with Southeast Publications allow their sales teams a two-week long stay, at no cost to the team. In return, the sales consultant communicates the benefit of reaching the out-of-towner to the local business community. Essentially, the businesses have their advertisements hand delivered to each guest that checks in to their local RV resort.

Southeast Publications has even taken it further by promoting their RV parks and campgrounds through digital media. Unlike any other service out there, Southeast Publications has a robust digital marketing platform that includes a highly utilized website, mobile app, social media community, and an opt-in e-newsletter. Every year, millions of RV travelers find their next destination or service through this platform.
Southeast Publications offers digital advertising as a bonus to their campgrounds, RV resorts, and business partners.

Currently, Southeast Publications has an 80% retention rate among its business sponsors and 95% retention rate with its affiliated parks.

Sales associates that contract with Southeast Publications can enjoy a robust commission package. It is widely regarded as the highest in the industry. The company believes its success is investing in its advertising sales consultants through training, access to resources, and a robust internal staff that can even manage their travel schedule. Southeast Publications' average tenure of its associates sits at just over 10 years, and they have the largest team in the industry.

If you would like to become part of the Southeast Publications tradition, call 800-832-3292 and speak with our partner liaison Erin White. Be sure to specify that you saw this article on Coleen's Workers On Wheels website. You can also see more about Southeast Publications on our website Also join our community @

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The article "Southeast Publications Is an Outdoor Recreation Tradition" was provided by Southeast Publications, Inc., and used with their permission.


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