Software Executive on Wheels

- The Adair Family, On the Road, USA
(Traveling Professionals Live and Work from Their RV )

My wife and I decided late last year that we were finally ready to give the full time RV lifestyle a try. We dreamed of buying and traveling the US in an RV for a number of years but kept making excuses as to why we should delay making the decision.

In our 40's and recent empty nesters, we stopped with the excuses and decided that we did not want to continue maintaining a large and mostly empty home. We sold off the non-essentials, packed away our keepsakes, picked out our favorite RV, and headed down the road.

As the CEO of a small software company, I spend a good deal of my time traveling around North America meeting with customers and supporting the members of our sales and service team. As a small team, we are mostly dispersed throughout the country so that we minimize long haul travel. As with other professionals who travel frequently for business, the airport and hotel stays can become quite boring and routine. Most often I try to stay at bed and breakfasts and combine business trips with personal visits to friends and family as often as I can.

Now that we are full-time RV's (and, we prefer the term professional travelers), the trips are much more predictable and comfortable as I have my home and office with me wherever I go. When I need to travel out for last minute or unexpected meetings, I simply find the nearest airport and resort to the old ways -- a flight, a taxi, a hotel.

Who knows how long we'll continue this lifestyle. For now, we are taking it one destination and one journey at a time. We love it and couldn't imagine a more fulfilling life.


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