Single, and Dealing with "Couples Wanted" Work Wanted Ads

The single RVer dilemma: Couples Wanted! Does it seem like every Help Wanted ad you read specifies that couples – two people – are wanted? It isn’t as bad as it looks. Campgrounds do hire solo RVers.

Single (Solo) Working RVers

Individuals are often welcome to apply.

Advertisers may be using the term "couple" simply because that's how they see the world, because they are part of a couple. They assume the people they are advertising to come in pairs and they are trying to personalize their ads. These folks honestly don't realize they are excluding a healthy, active part of the work force -- the solo working RVer.

Look at the job offered. If it is work for one person, it is likely the employer will happily consider a single RV worker.

Some ads specify a number of hours for the wife doing one job and a number of hours for the husband doing a different job. Can you, and would you be willing to, put in the total number of hours and do both jobs? It could be that the job times overlap, making this option unfeasible. However, it is also very possible you could do the jobs at different times of the day or week. It is also possible that they would allow you to work the total number of hours doing one job or the other. Listing two jobs may only be an attractant, because, again, the employer believes he is advertising to couples.

Some employers require fewer hours when an individual works an exchange deal than when a couple does. Not half as many, but some less. This is because two people (a couple) sharing one RV use more resources than one person alone in one RV and they use fewer resources than two people in two RVs. So, if the total number of hours they are asking from a couple seems too high, you might suggest a lower number for yourself.

The best way to find out what the employer really needs is to contact him and ask for clarification. Don't assume that just because the ad uses the word "couple" that you, a single man or single woman, are not welcome.

The exception to this is if the ad clearly states they are hiring couples only. Some employers do require two-person teams. They are, however, the minority, as most employees are hired as individuals.

More help for solo RVers.

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