Single Workkamper

- Linda

Is it possible to be a single workkamper? I am contemplating workkamping as a single person and don't seem to see much for one person. Any hints or ideas?

Coleen replies:

Single Workers Are the Norm

Hi Linda,

Yes, it is definitely possible to be a single workkamper. Most employers hire individuals, not couples.

Take a close look at the Help Wanted ads, both on this site and in your local newspaper. How many of them specify they are looking for couples only? Not many.

The reason you see mention of couples in some ads is because they are pointing out something that is out of the ordinary. Campgrounds are one of the few places where two people work as a single unit.

Since many RVers travel as couples, campground owners and park volunteer coordinators write ads to accommodate two people. When they mention "couple" in their ads, it lets husband and wife teams know they are welcome. It broadens their applicant pool. That doesn't mean they won't accept single workkampers.

We have more information on our website for RVers who work and/or travel alone, including a list of groups for single RVers. This link will take you to a list of those pages.

Comments for Single Workkamper

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Thoughts from New to Workamping Single

I, too, am new at workamping and have run into outright refusal to talk to me about work because I was single. I was told that they only hired couples and that if they found another single they could "pair me up with," they might call me back. This led me to believe that the norm in the industry is to seek couples so as to get two workers for the price of one free site and to ensure that one ad would recruit a woman to work inside and a man to do maintenance and outside work.

Single Workamping

Don't give up your search for a position as a single workamper. I am beginning my second season as a single workamper.

The ad asked for a couple, but I wrote asking if they hired singles and the answer was, "Yes." I work 24 hours per week for my site. My park has five workampers where only one person of three couples work and the other two of us are single. We singles did not apply together (didn't even know each other til we began working here).

Another option is amusement parks. I worked two seasons at Dollywood (there is an ad in the job listing this month). It is a great place to work with many fantastic perks. I also have friends who have worked at Adventureland near Des Moines, IA as singles; that park even has it's own campground for it's workers and they have a website with job info.

Keep searching and u will find something. Branson, MO has a lot of workamper jobs, also.

Single Workampers

Hi Linda,

I am a workamper single for 12 years and have always found work when I wanted it.

The best thing I can tell you is always send a cover letter and resume and sell yourself (your strong points).

The national parks, theme parks, Ruby's Inn. It only cost me 66 cents to send everything by mail; that's for the three I want very much, the other three I e-mail. Best luck for myself is mail. I send six out every time I wish to work and most of the time never get less then three replies.

Never be afraid to try something you have never done before, and never leave a job, good or bad; you can do any thing for a short time.

Good luck,

Single Workampers

I was a single workamper for five years and I had a kid and two cats. When you get your first job, get a letter of ref, on you, your rig, your pet, your kid, whatever you can. Show it to the next position. When I got a job as Resort Manager, the owner was specifically looking for a single, stating when one person of a couple didn't work out, you lose two good employees, so she prefers singles. It's a case by case basis. I did it and so can you.

RV Parks Should Appreciate Singles

I own n RV Park. I wish more retired single women would apply. So there are jobs out there for singles.

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