Single RVers: Yes, There Are Jobs, Clubs, and Resources for You

Single RVers, this section is especially for you. Find answers to your questions about working solo, including how to overcome ads that want couples. Support, encouragement, and networking.

Single RVers - Help and Support for the Solo RVer

Single, and Dealing with "Couples Wanted" Work Wanted Ads The single RVer dilemma: Couples Wanted! Does it seem like every Help Wanted ad you read clearly specifies that couples – two people – are wanted? It isn’t as bad as it looks.

RV Groups for Singles Offer Networking Opportunity RV groups for singles offer special support, understanding, and camaraderie you don’t get from general RV clubs. You'll likely find them a network for both paid and volunteer job opportunities.

Single Workkamper Is it possible to be a single workkamper? I am contemplating workkamping as a single person and don't seem to see much for one person. Any hints or ideas?

Fair Pay Value I am a single, retired lady, who would like to find a work-camping exchange situation that is fair and reasonable for the employer and employee. I'm having difficulty understanding how the employer justifies asking for 20 hours a week for living space exchange.

Work Camping Single Men Are there positions out there for work camping single men? Is there a way to filter these listings for easier searching?

Are Only Couples Hired? Are only couples hired? I am a young (62) widow who has returned to full-time RVing after selling my house. Do employers hire individuals or only couples?

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