Silver Lake Resort and Campground

- Pam Albrecht
(Lake Michigan Area Campground Caters to Sand Dune Lovers)

Silver Lake Resort and Campground in Mears, Michigan, is a 184 site campground at the Lake Michigan shoreline area. It caters to many sand dune lovers and seasonal campers.

The owners, Don and Sarah, work side by side with the work campers and seasonal employees. They always have your back and work very hard to see that all the campers have a great outdoor experience.

Family oriented campground with excellent facilities. A great rustic experience in the camping cabins, some nice shady tent sites and always the best full hookup pull through sites.

Physical work, but not over the top and always appreciated. Good people, fair treatment, and emphasis on "fun" for everyone, campers and workers alike.

If you are lucky enough to get an interview for a "job" here....take it and enjoy! Pam and T Albrecht, 2nd year work campers at SLRC!


Silver Lake Resort and Campground
1786 N 34th Ave
Mears, MI 49436

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