Showing RV Products

(Pat writes...)

My dream job is showing RV products at different small rallies. First, I'd have to set up a company that would allow me to travel with used RVs, nothing fancy. I'd take a middle of the road motor home, fifthwheel, or travel trailer and travel the southwest in the winter, and in the northwest in the summer. Then, I'd sell that rig when I get back to my home base, and start again, with the same or different company.

It is the friends I'd make along the way that make it my dream job. What ever happens in life, they can't take away your dreams.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Pat, do you have an RV now? You definitely don't need a new, fancy RV to get started.

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Dream Job

We own a Cyclone toy hauler at this time. I guess we could put a trike or two in the toy hauler, go to rallies and sell them. The way fuel is now a days. This could mean running to the store would be a lot of fun.

Thank you for posting my dream job.
pat-lori-miriah(the std sch)

Join the Crowd

My wife and I have always enjoyed camping. We became RVers two years ago when we bought a used 2008 Gulf Stream Mako from the RV dealer in Walcott, IA. We only went to look, but they offered us such a good deal we couldn't justify not buying it. We haven't regretted it for one minute.

RVing is more a state of mind and lifestyle than anything else. As long as you have an RV, enjoy the outdoors, and enjoy meeting people with the same mindset, you'll do great.

Do what feels right for you. We'll look forward to seeing you somewhere on the road.

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