Show Booths: 18 Tips to Make Them a Sales Success

Show booths work well for us. Our booth is usually busy. Our sales are good. We recently set up selling our Watkins products and had another success. Here are some of the reasons why our booth was a hit:

Flea Market and Event Vendor Show Booths

Tips and strategies that work for us, in making our booth successful when we set up at flea markets, festivals, fairs, and other vendor events:

RGV Flea MarketA Busy RGV Texas Flea Market with Many Working RVer Vendors

1. Had product at the show booths for people to buy. Booth display items are good. But, the money is in having products for cash and carry sales.

2. Had large quantities of the proven favorites visible. It showed we were clearly confident they were popular items.

3. Had a limited number of specially priced products. We let people know that when those were gone, they were gone. It created an urgency for them to buy now.

4. Said hello to everyone who came by the show booth. We were friendly. Our focus was on the people attending the show.

5. Visited with customers. We chatted. We asked questions to find out what they wanted or needed. And listened.

6. Got people involved. Had products for them to try. We tempted their senses.

7. Offered a sample that they had to use right on the spot, before they left the show booth. Take home samples get thrown away, lost, or forgotten about.

8. Didn't pre-judge who would or wouldn't want the products. Assumed everyone was interested.

9. Clearly mark the product prices. People don't like having to ask how much something costs. And, it saves time, so the next person can be helped more quickly.

10. Had proven, top selling products. We offered high quality, high value products.

11. Had a basket filled with mixed products. It must be human nature to like to sort through boxes and baskets looking for things. People love going through assortments and choosing items to buy.

12. Gave away old catalogs with recipes. People like freebies. Some dealers may have thrown them away, but we consider them valuable booth supplies. Pointing out the recipes gives people a reason to keep them.

13. Hung a banner so people could see from across the room what we were selling.

14. Took orders for products we didn't have in stock – and got payment at the time. We could have these drop shipped from the company, directly to the customer's door.

15. Visited with people about the business opportunity. We were having a good time and doing a good business. It made it easy for people to want to do what we were doing.

16. During slow times, visited with those working the vendor booths next to us. Instead of burying our heads in a book, we met our neighbors. They bought from us. And, they told people stopping at their booth about us and our products.

17. Had product knowledge from using the products. Because we were selling products we use, we could tell people about how they worked.

18. Made the most of our space. We had displays, products for sale, testers, freebies, and signs and banners all visible. Under the tables were extra product, bags, extra catalogs, and booth supplies.

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