Very Short Term Positions Let RVers Enjoy the Advantages of Being Highly Mobile

Very short term positions -- a few hours, days, or weeks -- can get you a free RV site and work camper perks, provide barter opportunities, or pay cash. They are ideal for RVers who want to be very mobile.

Short Term Positions for RVers Who Want to Retain Their Mobility

Short term positions allow RVers to do what most RVers start out to do -- be mobile. Here are ideas for work that requires you to stay in one location only temporary. Most of these aren't advertised.

School districts camp hosting programs are one option. They look for RVers to park on their school yards to keep an eye out for, and to report, suspicious activity. They may require a longer time, but they are often good about letting RVers move from one school to the next. So, you spend a couple weeks in one community, then move on to the next one and spend a couple weeks there. Some school districts, such as those in Alaska, cover hundreds of miles, so you do get to travel some.

Motorhome at FestivalWorking Festivals, RVers Park Motorhome by Display

Short term work campers are often needed as fill-ins during the shoulder seasons. The campground has its working campers lined up, but one couple can't start until later in the season. They need someone to fill in for a couple weeks there. Same thing at the end of the season, a couple needs to leave early, and the park needs someone to finish the season.

This is also true with businesses that hire teachers and students. The business needs workers for a few days or weeks before school gets out. And, again, at the end of the season. Teachers and students leave to get ready for school, but the business isn't ready to close for the season.

Fill in at campgrounds for seasonal workers who take time off for emergencies, illnesses, or special occasions. Sometimes the campground managers know ahead of time that they will have a short-term opening. An example of this is if the work campers who are there for six months let them know at the beginning that they want a week off mid-season to attend a granddaughter's wedding. Most of these positions, however, come up at the spur of the moment. You find them by being at a campground and letting the manager know that if he has any short-term work that you are available to do it.

Working State FairsWorking State and County Fairs

Seasons overlap and an RVer working a summer job in a cooler climate may not be able to get to his winter position in a southern state as soon as a worker is needed. And, sometimes there is just a conflict in travel times. These circumstances create more short term positions.

Holiday times are good time for short term work camping. Campgrounds are busier than normal then. And, wouldn't you know it? That's when working RVers want to take time off. Works the same way at Fourth of July, Labor Day, Christmas, Memorial Day -- any of the major holidays.

When there is a special event in the area, businesses need extra help. Think the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally or other large events that draw swarms of additional people to an area.

State fairs offer a lot of opportunities for short term jobs. They hire people for set-up, to work during the actual fair, and for clean-up and dismantling afterwards.

Another option is working through a temporary staffing agency. They need workers of all types, day labor to those with specialized technical skills. These can be some of the higher paying short term positions.

Property caretaking positions are often very short term. Pet sitting and house sitting jobs often last only a few days or a couple of weeks. The best way to find these is to net work. They usually aren't advertised formally, but word is passed around. A friend of a friend needs someone.

Short term positions for full-time RVers who want to do a lot of traveling are plentiful. They are perfect for those who only want to stop and stay in one place briefly, before moving on again. Check with tourist businesses and campgrounds. Inquire at the local chamber of commerce or tourism organization about special events. Check Craigslist and other online services. Register with temporary staffing firms. Ask friends. You can find them.

More suggestions for very short term jobs that pay wages.

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