Very Short Term Jobs and Gigs: When You Want to Move Frequently

Very short-term jobs and self-employment allow you to move frequently. They hold special appeal to RVers who don't want to be stuck in the same place for months on end. By "short-term," I mean jobs that last hours or days, possibly a few weeks -- but not months.

Short-Term Jobs

Some folks are full-time RVers because they want to move frequently. If you equate working a campground job for an entire season to being tied down, these ideas are for you. Short-term work is more plentiful than you may think. Here are some of the options for temporary positions and gigs that let you get back on the road sooner rather than later.

Work the shoulder seasons at tourist attractions. These are the very beginning and very end of the season. They often have openings these times because the seasonal workers either haven't yet arrived or they've already left. These late arrivals and early departures are due to several reasons. High school and college students must work around their school schedules and those don't always completely match up with the tourist season.

Work for a temporary staffing service. They have assignments that last from a few hours to a few years. Once you register with one branch, you can oftentimes have your information transferred to a branch in another location, so that you do not need to do the paperwork over each time. You may want to register with several temp agencies, so you have a broader job selection.

Work fairs, RV rallies, home shows, and rodeos. Work trade shows and other events that only last a few days or a week or so. What can you do at these? Work security. Sell something. Food concessions. Set-up and tear down. Parking. Promotions.

Family Owned Amusement RideFather and Sons Own and Operate this Ride at Fairs

Be versatile and do an assortment of odd jobs. When you are in campgrounds or wherever you stay for even a few days, let people know you are looking for odd jobs. People have all sorts of things they are willing to pay to have done: install a computer program, computer repair, wash the outside of RVs, clean the inside of the RV, move boxes from storage units, dog sit, babysit, or fix something or another in the RV. Other things might be sewing or alterations, building some specialized piece of furniture, running errands, or baking a special birthday cake. You don't need to have a business specializing in one thing or another. Just let people know what you can do – and that you are looking for work.

Do one-time jobs around the campground. Hire on for a special project. Maybe a shed needs painting. Perhaps there is a garden plot that needs to be planted in the spring. Maybe a cabin needs some work. Maybe they need to have a new brochure designed.

Work for a carnival or circus. They hire teachers, drivers, electricians, ride operators, performers, people to put up posters, people to tend to the animals, food workers, janitorial staff, and many other workers. These short term jobs can actually be permanent employment, but you are only in one location temporarily.

Do site maps. Work with one of the companies that does the campground site maps. You stay free of charge at a campground for a week or two while doing that park's map. You are paid a commission on the ads you sell to area businesses.

Work for yourself. Start an RV-based home business. There are far too many possibilities for me to list them here. Build websites. Work flea markets. Sell a product. Build a network marketing business. Be a travel writer. Teach adult ed classes. Do whatever it is you know how to do.

Toot Family BandThe Toot Family Band Performing at Park Center RV Park

Self-Employment and Mobile Employment

Create jobs that take you from campground to campground, or town to town. If you are a musician, put together a show. You can move daily, performing your gig every night at a different campground. If you cook, come up with a specialized BBQ that you can do at campgrounds for a special event. Figure out a class you can teach or a presentation you can give. Do photography of special events. Repair vinyl seat cushions for RVs and restaurants. Become a public speaker. Do mystery shopping.

Other short term job options that come to mind are gas line inspectors and fence erectors. Workers who go from store to store setting up or changing store displays spend only a short time in one area. Others are fire fighters and their support crews, emergency relief workers, and inspectors. Add to this list people who help set up computer systems for stores, people who do on-site training for corporations, and those who help set up new stores.

Obviously, not all of these short term jobs for everyone. Which of these options will work for you depends on your skills and abilities, as well as your education and experience. It also depends on how hard you are willing to work and the amount of flexibility you require. But, the range of choices for short term jobs is wide enough that there should be something for you.

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