Short Term Camp Hosting

- Debi
(Las Vegas)

Short term camp hosting questions.... What is the minimum time you need to spend on average at one campsite? My husband and I are wanting more to do camp host type jobs for short periods of time as we travel the country. Is there work like that? If so, how long would you need to commit?


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Substitute Campground Hosts

Yes, you can definitely find short term camp host positions.

Look at the ads and you'll see that many ask for workcampers to stay for a few months or an entire season. But, that doesn't give you a full picture.

You can find camp hosting positions that are only a week or two. If you are willing to stay at least a month, that will give you more options. Many volunteer coordinators are grateful to have RVers there to help out for whatever time they are willing to give.

Short term camp hosting slots are plentiful in the shoulder seasons. Those are the first weeks at the beginning of the season, before it gets going full-swing. Then, again, toward the end of the season, when things are winding down. The reason for this is that returning workers might not yet be there. Or, the full-season workers may need to quit early.

Look for positions at places that hire or use student volunteers. They typically do not finish their spring classes in time for the season opening. And, in the fall, they need to return to school before the park shuts down.

Short term camp hosting positions are also prevalent around the holidays. Holiday's are busy at campgrounds so they need extra help. They are full of campers and oftentimes have extra activities. To compound the situation, that is also when the regular hosts may want time off.

So, you look at the spring shoulder season, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, the fall shoulder season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Throw in weeks when there are state or county fairs, community celebrations, and special events. Now, consider that the full-season hosts want time off to go spring weddings or that they need to have some medical work done. Pretty soon you'll see there's a whole calendar full of times when parks need extra help for a few days or a few weeks.

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