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Do RV campgrounds care if a person sells his hobby work, such as liquor bottle lights, or woodwork items such as plant pots or such? Or would you think that would vary from place to place?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Some campgrounds let you sell things and some don't.

Some actually have a flea market where you can sell hobby work, commercial items, and miscellaneous things you've accumulated. Others limit it to handmade arts and craft items.

Some parks have regular flea market days as part of their activity programs, maybe one Saturday a month. Others have one every weekend. Those that do this encourage the RVers staying with them to set up a table selling what they make. And, they encourage people to attend and shop.

Another take on this, is that instead of a campground with a flea market, find a flea market with a campground. These are primarily flea markets and you don't need to stay at them to have a vendor space. But, they do have a campground on the premises for RVers who want to use it.

Some campgrounds will let you post a flyer or business card on their bulletin board -- it is sometimes in the laundry room or the rec room. Then, those who are interested in what you have to sell know to come to your RV.

One thing that works well is to sit outside and work on your hobby. Set at the picnic table making your lights. As people are walking close by, smile and say, "Hello," and start to chat a little. They'll be curious and come over to see what you are doing. They might want some. They may tell their friends and the RVers next to them what you are making. Word travels fast in a campground.

One of the best ways to sell your hobby work at campgrounds is to do things so people can see what you have. If these are night lights that you use in your RV, in the evenings, be sure to have some of the lights on so people walking by can see them. (Yes, people walking by do look in your RV windows!) While you don't want your RV site to be cluttered, you put out one of your planters with a pretty plant in it by your front door. RVers are friendly and curious folks, and they'll want to know more about your hobby work and what you have for sale.

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Selling Your Things

Ask management and the activities people if you can sell your wares. Activities should love the idea since it adds to their agenda.

Management would have more interest if they enjoyed a percentage of sales or a rent for the space provided.

Good luck with your entrepreneurial spirit.


Selling Hobby Work

Another example.....the State Park we are Camp Hosting in requires a 15% commission on anything that is sold within their boundaries!

I have decided to open a store at Artfire, similar to Etsy, to sell my one of a kind, custom made jewelry! This makes sense to me as it then becomes win-win!

Good luck to you and as another poster replied, "Just ask!!"

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