Self Publishing Pays: Write and Self-Publish Your Work

Build a self publishing business. You write. You publish. You sell. You profit. Can it really be that simple? Yes. What matters most is that you do actually do it. Get it written and get it out there.

Many aspiring writers procrastinate. They wait for something or another. I know. I was one of them. As a full-time RVer in my early 30's, working our way across the USA, people told me I should write a book about our lifestyle. Yes! Perfect! I love to write. I had the first hand experience. I was an expert on the topic because I lived it day in and day out.

But, I didn't write that book. I put it off because … well, I don't really know why. I suppose because I'd never written a book before and didn't know much about the technical aspects. And, yikes, I might make a mistake. There was always something more practical to do.

Work Your Way Across The USA is now in print. So is The Frugal RVer. And, Meandering Down the Highway. Self publishing these books made a working full-time RVer a decent amount of money. Alas, it wasn't me.

Although he started full-timing RVing several years after I did, Nick Russell wrote those books while I was still thinking about it. Instead of saying, "I should," or "I could," Nick did it. Nick publishes a number of things for profit. He has the Gypsy Journal tabloid newspaper, print books, e-books, a handful of special reports, a CD, several websites and blogs, and a mystery series.

Although I didn't write those books, I have been making money from my writings. Some I self publish and some I sell for others to publish. But with every single one of them, the key to getting them published was to stop thinking about and get it done.

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