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- Ron

I just read your editorial about using S. Dakota as your domicile; sounds very attractive. I have one question.

Did you have to go take a physical driving test to change your drivers license, or were you able to do that through the mail?

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South Dakota Driver License


To get a South Dakota Driver License you need to go there in person. If you present them with a valid driver's license from another state and one other ID, you do not need to take either a written knowledge test or a driving skills test. You would need to take a vision test.

A SD Driver License is valid for five years. The cost is $20.00, for either a new or renewed license. Renewals must also be done in person, but can be done anytime within 180 days of the expiration date, so it does allow for flexibility in your travel plans.

The above information is from the South Dakota Driver License Program and South Dakota Department of Public Safety websites and was accurate summer 2009. (However, regulations and fees do change.) You can also find the Driver Manual, rules of the road, and other helpful info there.

UPS Store Mailbox

For a physical address you can use a UPS Store mailbox. I've had mine for several months as a full timer. This is less expensive then the mailing service's. The folks in Souix Falls are great and will eliminate your third class mail if you choose.

Location of a Place for Driver License

I'm needing a location for receiving my new South Dakota license? I moved here on Wednesday afternoon. I did go to Yankton to the driver license building and it was closed on Friday morning. It also said it will be closed on Monday. My old driver license runs out on Monday.
Where can I go to receive a driver license before my license runs out? Pam Erickson

SD DL Testing Locations

Hi Pam,

I'm thinking your best bet may be Sioux Falls, which I think is about 80 miles from Yankton.

The S.D. Department of Public Safety has extensive drivers license info on its website. It has a list of towns where you can go to get your license, including the days they are open.

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