SBI! (Solo Build It!) ... The Answer to How We Build Our Websites

We use SBI! (also called Solo Build It! or Site Build It!). RVers keep asking how we build our websites and how we make money from them. So, here's an overview of how it works, not only for website building, but creating a web business. While it works great for us as RVers, you don't have to be an RVer to take advantage of SBI!

SBI! is as an all-inclusive suite of tools, so I don't need to piecemeal things together. And, I really don't need to know what I am doing website, wise. I'm not technologically inclined and, truthfully, I don't want to learn. I love answering your questions. I love writing about our travels. But, when it comes to HTML, SEO, FTP, and the other techi stuff, well, I don't love that. SBI! makes it so that I can concentrate on doing the fun parts.

Solo Build It!

And, as an added bonus, they have an affiliate program, so if you follow a link I give you and buy any product that SiteSell sells, I get a commission -- a nice commission.

How it's done...

Putting up a website and having a web based business is perfect for full-time RVers. You work on your website from anywhere, any time of the day or night. You work lots when you want, and little when you want.

You can use SBI! for hobby websites, too. But, this is about Solo Build It! as a way for RVers to make money.

SBI! goes on the model of C → T → P → M.

Content → Traffic → Pre-sell → Monetize. What that means is that you build your website based on content. Pick a topic and post articles, pictures, stories, reviews, and such about that topic. The content draws traffic. Your website visitors (the traffic) learn about your topic and get to know you. They realize you know what you are talking about and they value your opinions and recommendations, and that is the just of pre-selling. Monetizing is the last step, where the money actually comes in through referral fees, selling your services, advertising, selling products, affiliate marketing, etc.

Solo Build It! is a set of tools that makes it easy to do the whole C→T→P→M thing.

What theme or topic do you pick for your website? Well, the Action Guide leads you through some exercises to find out. The Brainstorm It! and Niche Choose It! tools help you narrow it down. Part of it is based on your interests and knowledge. But, those tools also help show what topics are more likely to be profitable than others.

What is content and where do you get it? Since your site is about something you know or are passionate about, you probably have lots to say about it. The Action Guide offers advice on the actual article writing and getting it posted. There's also Content 2, a module for making your website interactive.

As for the traffic.... You build a website, but how do people find out about? You've maybe heard about keywords, tags, titles, SEO and submitting to search engines, all the time and tech knowledge that entails. Well, with SBI!, they take care of that for you. You write your stories, fill in the template, run it through analyzer to double-check that you followed the directions, and click Build It! The page is up and they automatically do the other stuff behind the scenes for you.

The P unofficially stands for personalization. Get to know your readers. Share some of yourself. You pretty much do this naturally when you are chatting, sharing, writing about your topic.

And lastly, the money! The Action Guide has an entire section on monetization. You can figure out how you will make money from your site before you do it. You can spend your time building your website business the right way to begin with. You don't need to waste a lot of time doing things wrong.

Solo Build It!

Sorry, I get long winded.

What it boils down to is that Solo Build It! has the whole package of tools, backed by expertise, bundled together. You don't need to know HTML or the tech stuff. You don't need to go one place to buy your domain name, another place to host your site, and still another place for your webpage design software. SBI! provides the software and service so you can do a blog, a newsletter, polls, and even automated email courses. They make it easy to upload photos. They give you all sorts of statistics on your website traffic, not only numbers but where it is coming from and what pages are visited most often.

Previously, SBI! was only a yearly thing -- you paid an annual fee. Now, however, you have your choice of monthly or annually.

My suggestion? Follow the link and look around the site. Read some of the case studies. Take advantage of some of the free e-courses and e-books they have to offer. You can get a lot of information from them without buying anything. Then, if you like what you see, give it a try.

And, as I said, they do have an affiliate program, so, I would appreciate it if you'd go there by clicking one of these links:

• An SBI! video tour

• To see what some others are doing with Solo Build It! and how it changed their lives.

• SBI! is more than site hosting. It is a package of tools.

• Compare SBI! to other website building programs. See proof!

Joy and prosperity,

Solo Build It!

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