An SBI! Review by a Non-Techie: SiteBuildIt! and Our Website

This SBI! review is written by Bob, an admittedly non-techie. He shares how he sees SiteBuildIt! working as a website host and builder. He looks at some of the issues in keeping a website modern,  functioning, and profitable, and the role SBI! plays in an online business.

A SiteBuildIt! (SBI!) Review

My computer skills are moderate to lacking. My typing skills are moderately competent hunt-and-peck. May people would be stunned at the time it takes me to type out a 500-word article. Coleen edits my work and somehow gets it onto our websites out on the internet. Although I’m astounded at what she does, she claims to know little about online technology, too. So, how do we get this done?

We use a company called SBI! for our hosting company. They do a lot more than just host our sites, though. SBI! is short for “Site Build It” or “Solo Build It.” I want to review SBI! for you, because having a website is a good way for RVers to make money while they travel.

Coleen likes this SBI! company a lot. They help deal with coding and other things beyond my realm. They do a lot of the stuff that is in between writing an article and getting it to the reader.

SBI! has the philosophy that if their customers have successful, profitable websites the customer will continue doing business with them and refer others to them, thus making everyone happy.

They strive to help their customers achieve high Google ranking, which is key to successful monetizing of a website. That means making money! It seems once or twice a year something comes up that changes what needs to be done to stay on top of the Google rankings.

A while back, Google decided a secure website was important in their ratings. SBI! walked Coleen through the process. They provided special training and even special tools to search our websites for items that needed attention to become compliant. . I don’t really know what all she had to do, but I do know she was thankful to have SBI! helping her. When it was done, Coleen had our websites secure with the “s” added to the “http” address

SBI! has helped us make the websites more cell phone friendly. A large percentage of our  website visitors use smart phones. SBI! guided Coleen through resizing and a myriad of other things to help cell phone users enjoy our sites more. While she was doing it,  I heard her talk about “mobile friendly” and “responsive.”

SB! worked Coleen through European privacy compliance. This is important. We weren’t aware of it, until SBI! told us about it. I don’t know how we (Coleen) would have waded through the onerous procedure herself. SBI! held her hand and walked her through to compliance, step-by-step. Many times throughout the process, Coleen told me she didn’t really understand what some of regulations meant or what they required. But, she could understand the directions SBI! provided and could follow them to get the job done.

Coleen is currently taking the Revitalize Your Site Challenge that SBI! staff are leading. Every week, they examine one aspect of the website. SBI! makes suggestions for ways to improve that part of the site. They explain what the rest of the world expects and why they recommend the changes they do. You can choose the changes or leave it the same. But, a lot of the standard practices for websites have changed over the years. Continuing updating ad improving keeps the website popular. The current week is detecting broken or dead links. SBI! showed Coleen how to scan for them so she can repair, replace, or eliminate them.

I worked on a municipal water system years back. Our state’s regulation agency would see new regulations coming, let us know, set up training or us, and help us comply, and even help us apply for funding. The neighboring state’s regulatory agency would notify their water systems of the new regulations and penalize those who weren’t in immediate compliance. SBI! is like my state – it looks ahead, provides training, and helps prevent things from becoming problems.

SBI! helps us all the way, for the good of the website owner and the visitor, and themselves. Websites hosted by them consistently rate higher in ratings than other similar hosting companies. SBI! works well for us, and I’m writing this review so you can see how it might also work well for you.


Coleen's comments: My husband, Bob Nilles, wrote this SBI! review. We work together in our RV-home based business. However, I do most of editing, posting, and publishing of the newsletters and websites. I think one of the main things he likes about SBI! is that it makes things so much easier for me. When something new comes up that I need to do on the website, rather than me having to stress about it, I can get help through SiteBuildIt!’s tools, forums, and technical support.

Learn more about SiteBuildIt! (also known as SBI! and SoloBuildIt!) from SiteSell.

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