RVs For RV Parks Or Private Property

- Cheryl

I wonder if there is someone who owns a camp property that would want to rent/buy our RV for that property - to live in or rent out? Like at the Feather River - they rent out to students at the college across the street.

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RV Rental As Money Maker

Hi Cheryl,

As you point out in your example, yes, there are property owners who buy or rent RVs and rent them out.

Renting out your RV may be a way to make some money with it when you aren't using it. However, it comes with considerable risks and built in problems.

Depending on the value of the recreational vehicle, the property owner you are renting it to, and the people who are actually living or camping in it, there could be a lot of damage. Your insurance may not cover it if you are using it for a commercial vehicle (which it seems you'd be doing if you rented it out).

Another consideration is what will you do when you want to use it? Would you need to rent it back? Would your rental agreement give you rights to use it at certain times? If your renter is sub-leasing it to someone else for an extended time -- such as a college semester, as in the example you gave -- then it may not be practical to kick out that person when you want to use your RV.

Maybe I interpreted your questions wrong, and you are you looking at not doing this with your personal RV, but rather getting into the business of buying used RVs and selling or renting them out? This could be a profitable business, especially if the trailers or fifth-wheels you bought needed repairs and you could fix them up yourself.

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