RVing the Write Highway

- Becky Blanton
(Danville, VA)

RVing the Write Highway... ah, can you tell Becky writes for a living? Living full-time in a recreational vehicle and van-dwelling helped Becky make her dream come true. She shares how she is proof positive that you can use your pre-RVing skills to earn a living on the road.


Read what Becky wrote:

I dreamed of becoming a full-time RVer only a couple of years after I met (online) Colleen and wrote an article about her and her work camping for Trailer Life Magazine. Since then I've actually been a full-time RVer and later, a van-dweller when the RV died. But mostly I've lived in a sticks-and-brick house or an apartment. But my dream to full-time and write has never faded.

My father died in February of 2006 - the same year my story (page 141) appeared in Tim Russert's best-selling book, "Wisdom of Our Fathers, Letters from Sons and Daughters".... After the book came out I wanted to grieve on the road so I quit my high-paying job and moved into my van to travel, do photography, and write. I did that until June of 2007.

But living in a small van-camper in the summer heat was too much for me, my dog, and my cat, so I bit the bullet, got yet another job at a newspaper as a photojournalist/writer and moved back into an apartment. In late January of this year, however, I discovered an online site for writers that was free to join, was totally legitimate, and that I could actually

make enough money ghostwriting and copywriting to quit my full-time job at the newspaper and get back on the road again.

I also recently started my own personal website to start showcasing my work (it's only two weeks old and a work in progress!). But since March 2008, my ghostwriting business has picked up and I'm turning down assignments and still making twice what I made at the newspaper!! Amazing!

I've done the work camping thing and I am just not suited for scrubbing camp toilets and hard labor at my age (52), with my bad back. And, I need to make more than minimum wage what with gas prices the way they are now. But, now that I know I can write, do design work and photography, and stay as busy as I like, making good money from anywhere in the country - I'll be ready to hit the road again this fall. I just have to pack and find a new rig!

I'm in the process of creating yet another website just so I can upload stories and photos of people, places and things I see on the road. It will be called the "Write Highway" and will be an inspirational site about fulltimers, I hope! So please know it is possible to travel and write and make a good living at it! I'm proof positive! And having met Colleen online and having heard her story inspired me all these years! I am thrilled to say I'll soon be back on the road again!


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