RVing Musicians: Making the Connections to Join with Other RVing Entertainers

RVing musicians find opportunities for paying gigs at campgrounds, theaters, music fests, and local entertainment venues. While some travel and play all year, others get together to play seasonally.

Connecting with Other RVing Musicians

How do RVing musicians find each other? One of our Workers On Wheels website visitors writes, asking about this, "I am considering full time and am an entertainer, musician, and singer. Where and how would I find other entertainers that may be interested in forming a group? I have seen some ads, but I would like to run an article or ad, something to find and talk to others considering the same thing or who already full time and may consider me."

This is my reply:

Go where other RVing musicians gather.

The destination RV parks in the southern states would be good places to start. The parks often have jam sessions where musicians get together. They are a good source of networking, as well show casing your talents.

Some parks have "camper talent" nights. In addition to musical entertainment, they welcome story tellers and other entertainers. Perform. Visit with the other performers. Visit with the people who are organizing and leading the activities.

Music festivals are another place to meet other musicians and possibly have a chance to perform. We attended a late winter music festival in Mercedes, Texas, that drew many RVers. Many of the time slots were filled with already established bands. We recognized quite a few of them because they had played at the RV park where we stayed, or we had seen their names in the RVing publications readily available at RV parks. Some of the time slots, however, were open jam sessions. Being a musician and singer, you are probably aware of many music festivals across the county.

Summer campgrounds sponsor music fests, as do community arts programs. Participate, either as an entertainer, patron, or volunteer. The more of these venues you are involved with, the better your chances of connecting with others who share your vision.

As an entertainer, musician, and singer, you are probably tuned into where your friends and colleagues in the industry get together. Spend time at those places and take the initiative to visit with them. Let them know what you want to do.

You could also place ads in the same media where you've seen other RVing musicians advertise.

Look for places to get involved. Join in. Have a good time. Let RVers, RV park owners, and other entertainers hear you perform. There are numerous opportunities for RVing musicians.

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