RVing Mom with Three Kids

- An RVing Mother Shares Her Working-While-RVing Story
(Working, RVing Family with Children )

RV worker profiles are often of couples. This profile includes three children. Their mother tells me she knows they will be different because they are home-schooled, and because that home is an RV.

She writes:

We have been full-time for three years in our 21 foot Winnebago with our three children, ages 10, 11, and 12, whom we home school. We have no other income so we must work. Let me tell you about our findings over the years.

When we first went full-time, my husband worked for Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), placing the 25 cent gum ball machines in certain locations. The job was good and paid well. We went to Florida our first winter and after a few months were told that they were not making enough money to have us work there.

We found other employment. We worked for a company called World Optical, selling eyeglass cleaner in Walmarts. That was very interesting and money was good. We picked where to go and when. Now the company has only 10 states and it is very difficult to get stores.

We have used a temporary service to get jobs. He has driven bread routes for delivery men on vacation. I have found dental assistant work that way.

We worked as resident managers for a self storage facility in Pennsylvania for 14 months while working on our 40 foot GMC bus conversion. The weather was terrible the last two winters and even though we had an apartment and all utilities paid plus salary etc., we haven’t gotten very far.

He has also gone through Southern Cross gas line technician training in Norcross, GA. The job entails many miles of walking and paperwork. Most of the people (men) are older and retired from other employment and most don’t need jobs or the income; they just want something to do.

We’re currently at a Thousand Trails park. We decided we needed him free to work on the bus until the conversion in nearly complete, so we did not pursue the Southern Cross position after training. I am working as a dental assistant, a position easy to find if we are in a place for an extended length of time.

Some jobs do not allow children and some do not allow bus conversions. We tell potential employers that we have both.

In the future? We would like to do campground maintenance at national or other parks. We’ll also look into the circus for employment.


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